Atlas Copco extends its oil-water separator range with the OSS

Atlas Copco has launched the OSS oil-water separator, extending its range to cover condensate treatment of lower flow compressors. Easy to install, use and replace, the OSS is the affordable condensate cleaning solution for your smaller air system.
Atlas Copco – OSS and kit
Traditionally oil-water separators are installed in combination with large compressor and dryer equipment. Because of cost reasons, the condensate of oil-injected piston and screw compressors below 15kW is usually left untreated. Needless to say, however, small devices can also harm the environment and are subject to water legislation.

Today we offer a solution: the OSS, Atlas Copco’s extension of the OSC oil-water separator range for lower flows, which allows you to dispose of the oil in the compressor condensate in a safe and environment-friendly way. The OSS is not only our smallest oil-water separator, it’s also our smartest. The OSS is designed to reach purity levels below 15ppm at flows up to 30 l/s (60 cfm), thanks to the usage of advanced absorption media.

Its working principle is the same as the OSC oil-water separator, with a depressurization chamber, a pre-filtration, a post-filtration phase and an anti-siphon vent; all within a size of 14cm x 14cm x 24cm (or 5,5” x 5,5” x 9,4”).

The compact and lightweight design, in combination with the standard wall or plate mounting bracket, allows for easy access and replacement.

The OSS is 100% recyclable and can thus be fully replaced at the end of its lifetime. The disposal cap and plug make a clean replacement routine possible.

To ensure quality our product has been extensively tested in our in-house laboratory environment, as well as in the field.

To verify the oil contamination easily at the outlet on a regular basis, an optional sampling kit is available.