• ZB 300-900

    Single stage integrally geared turbo ZB 300-900: Oil-free integrally geared centrifugal blowers, 300-900 kW, 415-1250 hp In a highly competitive marketplace, Atlas Copco’s ZB 300-900 single-stage, integrally geared centrifugal blowers stand out from the crowd. One reason is an innovative energy-saving design for increased efficiency at maximum flow. The result is a continuous, reliable, energy-efficient […]

  • T-Series

    Single stage integrally geared turbo T-Series: Direct-driven centrifugal turbocompressors for polyethylene and polypropylene Drawing from Atlas Copco’s extensive experience in complex applications, the T-Series compressor is used in some of the most challenging processes. For more than two decades the T-Series compressor has been at the heart of demanding, high-profile downstream petrochemical applications worldwide, from […]

  • TP-Series

    Single stage integrally geared turbo TP-Series: Integrally geared centrifugal compressor for gas and air, up to 70 bar Driven by integral gear technology, Atlas Copco’s TP centrifugal gas compressor offers maximum reliability and efficiency for dozens of air and gas applications. It provides cost-effective, sustainable service in facilities all over the world. TP-Series compressors are […]

  • SC-Series

    Single stage integrally geared turbo SC-Series: Centrifugal compressors for air and gas applications, up to 70 bar Featuring integral gear technology at the heart of the machine, the SC-Series compressor offers reliable and efficient service across dozens of applications in air separation as well as in the gas and process industries. The SC-Series is a […]

  • H-Series

    Single stage integrally geared turbo H-Series: Centrifugal compressors for air and nitrogen, discharge pressures up to 32 bar The H-Series centrifugal compressor marks the culmination of more than 100 years of Atlas Copco experience in air compression. Anchored in innovative engineering and manufacturing techniques, this compressor combines premier technology for the delivery of oil-free compressed […]

  • GT – Series

    Single stage integrally geared turbo GT – Series: Integrally geared centrifugal compressors for gas and air applications, up to 200 bar discharge pressure, driver power up to 40 MW Driven by Integral Gear technology, Atlas Copco’s GT Series provides maximum compressor efficiency and reliability. This ensures sustainable productivity in processes across dozens of industries and […]