• Portable heatless dessicant dryers

    Heatless desiccant dryers (portable) Portable heatless dessicant dryers: up to 5940 NI/S @36 bar – 12500Scfm @507psi Heatless desiccant dryers have very low dew point levels, which makes them perfect to dry pipelines or to generate instrumentation air. Our purge control system results in high energy savings. The high quality components and protection frame make […]

  • CDE 850+ TDE HP package

    Heatless desiccant dryers (portable) CDE 850+ TDE HP package : capacity up to 2295 NI/S @36 bar – 4800Scfm @507psi This high pressure heatless desiccant dryer, mounted in a certified lifting frame for transport and protection, is key to clean and dry compressed air for any project requirement wherever needed. This package incorporates pre-coolers with […]