• P

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors P: Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors, up to 40 bar (580 psig), 37-275 kW / 50-368 hp Atlas Copco’s P oil-free reciprocating compressors are a reference in the market for reliability and low cost of ownership. They deliver high-purity oil-free air for discharge pressures between 25 and 40 bar. Sturdy and designed […]

  • LZ series

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors LZ series: Premium oil-free piston compressors, 5.5-7.5 kW / 7.5-10 hp Atlas Copco’s LZ range of oil-free piston compressors combines the advantages of a piston, robustness and low investment cost, with the benefits of an oil-free compressor: clean air and low maintenance requirements. This oil-free piston compressor is also outfitted with […]

  • LFxR 0.7-1.0

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors LFxR 0.7-1.0: Oil-free pantograph compressor for railway applications , 0.5 or 0.7 kW The Atlas Copco LFxR oil-free pantograph compressors are specifically designed for use on electrically driven railway vehicles with a pneumatic pantograph. The LFxR complies with all international standards for railway applications and exacts standards for reliability and durability. […]

  • LFx MED

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors LFx MED: Oil-free piston compressors for dental applications Your dental practice or laboratory processes depend on 100% clean compressed air to safeguard your patient’s health and protect your valuable equipment. Designed for the low air demands of dental practices, clinical laboratories and other point-of-use surgical air applications, LFx MED air compressor […]

  • LFx Dental

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors LFx Dental: Oil-free piston compressors for dental practices, 0.5-1.5 kW / 0.7-2 hp The Atlas Copco LFx is the quiet, reliable air solution for small dental practices. This oil-free piston compressor is certified Class 0 according to ISO 8573-1, which guarantees compressed air of unquestionable purity. This compact, silent solution easily […]

  • LFx 0.7 – 2.0 series

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors LFx 0.7 – 2.0 series: Compact oil-free piston compressors, 0.5-1.5 kW / 0.7-2 hp Atlas Copco’s range of small-capacity piston compressors provides you a reliable, oil-free solution for your low air demands. The LFx compressors’ capacities range from from 1.02 up to 2.53 l/s (2.16 up to 5.36 cfm), with an […]

  • LF Snow

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors LF Snow: Oil-free piston compressor for snow making, 1.5-7.5 kW / 2-10 hp Atlas Copco LF-Snow oil-free piston compressors are designed specifically for the snow-making industry. The LF-Snow provides reliable, continuous operation with minimum maintenance. The use of high-quality materials and an innovative design make the units suitable for operation in […]

  • LF

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors LF: Industrial oil-free aluminum piston compressors, 1.5-7.5 kW / 2-10 hp Looking for a durable, high-performance compressed air solution for your specific industrial application? Atlas Copco’s LF oil-free aluminium piston air compressors stand for exceptional reliability and extremely low operating costs – and are virtually maintenance-free. LF compressors are 100% oil-free, […]

  • HX/HN

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors HX/HN: Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors, 30-560 kW / 40-750 hp Atlas Copco’s HX/HN oil-free reciprocating compressors are extremely reliable solutions for air, nitrogen, C0/C02, methane, hydrogen and argon. Designed for 24/24 industrial service, with minimal maintenance cost and long overhaul intervals, HX/HN compressors can work in a most efficient and cost-effective […]

  • DX/DN

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors DX/DN: Oil-free reciprocating piston booster, 37-315 kW / 54-422 hp Atlas Copco’s DX/DN oil-free reciprocating booster is the alliance of an extremely robust design with the best of technology in terms of packaging and equipment. DX/DN is your best partner in air and nitrogen compression to 46 bar/667 Psig. Available as […]