Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors HX/HN: Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors, 30-560 kW / 40-750 hp Atlas Copco’s HX/HN oil-free reciprocating compressors are extremely reliable solutions for air, nitrogen, C0/C02, methane, hydrogen and argon. Designed for 24/24 industrial service, with minimal maintenance cost and long overhaul intervals, HX/HN compressors can work in a most efficient and cost-effective […]

  • DX/DN

    Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors DX/DN: Oil-free reciprocating piston booster, 37-315 kW / 54-422 hp Atlas Copco’s DX/DN oil-free reciprocating booster is the alliance of an extremely robust design with the best of technology in terms of packaging and equipment. DX/DN is your best partner in air and nitrogen compression to 46 bar/667 Psig. Available as […]

  • ZT 110-160 Classic

    Oil-free screw compressors AQ 30-55 / 15-55 VSD: Water-injected screw compressors, 15-55 kW / 20-75 hp Atlas Copco is renowned for designing and manufacturing the most reliable oil-free screw compressors. The ZT 110-160 is the latest rotary screw compressor to come out of this strong tradition. Ideal for harsh conditions, the ZT offers a compact […]

  • ZE/ZA (VSD)

    Oil-free screw compressors ZE/ZA (VSD): Oil-free rotary screw compressors, 22 – 500 kW/ 30 – 700 hp Especially in harsh and dusty environments, a reliable supply of 100% certified oil-free compressed air is critical to ensure production continuity. Atlas Copco’s low pressure ZE/ZA compressors fulfill this demand by offering a constant air flow at minimal […]

  • Z 55-900 (VSD)

    Oil-free screw compressors Z 55-900 (VSD): Oil-free air- and water-cooled rotary screw compressors, 55-935 kW / 75-1253 hp Atlas Copco’s Z 55-900 VSD Pack and Full Feature ranges power your production with ultimate reliability and efficiency under the harshest conditions. The first air compressors in the world to be certified Class 0 according to ISO […]

  • ER 90-900

    Oil-free screw compressors ER 90-900: Energy recovery control unit for water-cooled oil-free air compressors from 90 to 900 kW Atlas Copco energy recovery control units transfer the energy recovered in the cooling water of oil-free air compressors to your process. The control unit is installed between the compressor and your cooling and heating circuit. The […]

  • AQ 30-55 / 15-55 VSD

    Oil-free screw compressors AQ 30-55 / 15-55 VSD: Water-injected screw compressors, 15-55 kW / 20-75 hp Atlas Copco’s AQ water-injected screw compressors, available in water-cooled and air-cooled versions, meet your precise needs for pure, oil-free air while offering high-pressure capability and improved energy efficiency. Developed especially for applications demanding the highest levels of purity, such […]

  • SFR 2-11

    Oil Free Compressors SFR 2-11: Oil-free scroll compressor for railway applications, 2 to 11 kW. The Atlas Copco SFR oil-free scroll compressor is a low maintenance compressed air solution validated for railway applications. The SFR helps railway operators to achieve punctuality and reliability, while reducing operational costs. With an absolute minimum of moving parts, the […]

  • SF and SF+ series 1-22

    Oil Free Compressors SF and SF+ series 1-22: Oil-free scroll compressors, 1.5-22 kW / 2-30 hp Atlas Copco’s SF oil-free scroll compressors provide 100% oil-free for critical applications in industries such as R&D laboratories, hospitals, universities, dental applications, food & beverage. These ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified compressors are easy to operate and maintain, and […]

  • GA90+-160 (VSD)

    Oil-injected rotary screw compressors GA90+-160 (VSD): Oil-injected rotary screw compressors, 90-160kW / 125-200 Efficient, reliable and built to last, the GA 90+-160 / GA 110-160 VSD compressors are designed to provide high-quality compressed air even under harsh conditions. Every GA is designed, manufactured and tested to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217. […]