• N-series fans

    N-series fans ORIGINAL benchtop model, ESD/EX benchtop model, CHEM benchtop model Nederman N series fans are a central component in Nederman’s wide assortment of quality products for fume extraction and filtering as well as for vehicle exhaust extraction. Sound absorbers are available for all N-series fans. The fans are also suitable for mounting as freestanding […]

  • NCF Direct Drive Fans and Blowers

    NCF Direct Drive Fans and Blowers The Nederman NCF Fans have direct drive motors which means a safe and cost effective operation. Installing an energy efficient NCF fan with our other Nederman products saves time and reduces energy costs.  ATEX approved NCF DX fans Nederman NCF DX are powerful central fans with a robust construction […]

  • VAC two stage vacuum fan

    Extraction of welding fumes, dust from sanding and grinding operations VAC two stage vacuum fan Vacuum unit with V-belt driven high-pressure fan. Suitable for outdoor installations. As a standard supplied with silencer, combined start-up/back flush valve and flow restrictor (VAC 20-4000 does not have flow restrictor). Applications: welding extraction, on-torch or with nozzles. Dust extraction, […]

  • Combifab Fans and Blowers

    Fans and blowers for your dust collector Combifab Fans and Blowers The Combifab range of highly efficient, quiet running radial fans include three dedicated impeller designs for handling clean air (R type), air containing dust and waste material (S type) and for transporting high concentrations wood dust and chips (T type). Versatile drives, including energy […]

  • RBU roots pump high vacuum unit

    Extra power when your dust collection system needs it RBU roots pump high vacuum unit As standard supplied with vacuum and discharge silencers, universal valve including vacuum regulator, safety valve and back flusch valve. Inlet diam. 200 mm. (8 in.) discharge at diameter 200 mm. (8 in.) Applications: cleaning, sqwarf removal, grinding, sanding, welding. Also […]