Air Curtains ACR The Airbloc ACR Series recessed cased air curtain is designed for discreet positioning in a suspended ceiling or bulkhead in the doorways of retail or commercial premises, It creates comfortable conditions for staff and customers by providing a powerful down-flow of heated or ambient air.   Model Range The ACR Series is available in 3 versions: Ambient (non-heated) Electric […]

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    Air Curtains AC The Airbloc AC Series is a commercial/retail air curtain, designed to be aesthetically pleasing when wall mounted or on drop rods in front of glass fronted entrances. The unit has a host of unique lighting and building safety features that enhance both its functionality and looks. The semi-circular profile and range of finishes make the air curtains an aesthetic […]

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    Heating & Ventilation Units DF MUA Constant volume direct fired make up air heaters to provide a fixed rate of heated fresh air to the space.   The units are ideal for supplying heating and make up air to large areas or to individual spray booths etc, where constant extract rates are used.   Generally units are sized to introduce slightly […]


    Unit Heaters ULTRA ULTRA unit heaters have the highest efficiency and the lowest NOx and CO2 emissions. The ULTRA is a fully condensing gas fired unit heater. With its efficiency up to 109% and low NOx and CO emission rates < 25 ppm, the ULTRA exceeds European norms. The design of this gas fired unit heater combines high thermal […]

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    Radiant Heaters Vision VSX Renowned for its pioneering track record, AmbiRad, Europes leading supplier of radiant tube heating systems, has yet again raised the industry standard in terms of innovation and technical performance.   The range of high efficiency Vision radiant tube heaters delivers exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to reduce energy costs, the inclusion of a recuperative heat exchanger on the VSX range significantly […]


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