Electric motor driven or spring recoil exhaust extraction of vehicle diesel fumes

Exhaust Hose Reel 865

The best solution in workshops with a high ceiling, where overhead cranes etc. have to be considered, or where high vehicles must pass is our vehicle exhaust reel. Operated via a hand unit either an IR control or pendant control. A receiving eye on the reel shows the status of operation. Electronic limit switches reduce the risk of malfunction and unnecessary wearing of the hose. Fan start/stop is automatically controlled. Mounting of fan on reel is possible.


  • Convenient and safe operation
  • Automatic fan operation
  • Settings for limit switches made from floor level
  • Compact, modern design
  • Quick & easy installation reduces cost

Technical data

Exhaust Hose Reel 865 Spring Recoiled

 Technical Leaflet (1.37 MB, Pdf Document) Download 

Reel 865 Electric

Technical Leaflet (1.17, Pdf Document) - Download


  • Reels for Air Brochure (2.00 MB, Pdf Document) - Download
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