FX solder fume extraction arms

ORIGINAL benchtop model, ESD/EX benchtop model, CHEM benchtop model

For extraction of solder fumes and capturing of odors when gluing, or working with solvents. The Bench Top FX fume and odor extraction arms are made of light-weight anodized aluminium sections, with two or three adjustable, plastic friction joints. For extraction of solder fumes when soldering and for capturing odors from gluing, or working with solvents. The lab extraction arm can be connected in single applications, in systems, and with or without filter. The extraction arm is easily mounted to a workbench or similar. The fume extractor can be mounted standing, hanging or attached to the wall. Flexible in all directions and simple to position. Easy to dismantle for easy cleaning.


  • Industrial, research and educational applications - BenchTop arms offer perfect solutions for numerous types of workplaces.

  • Ceiling, wall, floor or bench mounting - The multi-purpose mounting bracket allows complete freedom when planning installation points for the arms. They can be mounted on ceilings, walls and floors or fixed to worktops.

  • Unique manoeuvrability - The two outermost joints in the arm can rotate and swivel through 360°. This provides unequalled omni-directional flexibility and makes it possible to position the hood exactly where required.

  • Designed for optimal efficiency and low noise - Computerized simulations were used in the development of this new series of extractors to create arms with optimal air flow and particle transportation properties. The resulting highly improved airflows mean that smaller and less energy consuming fans are required.

Technical data

Original Benchtop Model

Technical Leaflet (516.04 KB, Pdf Document) - Download

Chem Benchtop Model

Technical Leaflet (536.96KB, Pdf Document) - Download

ESD Benchtop Arm

Technical Leaflet (543.13 KB, Pdf Document) - Download


  • Benchtop Extraction Arms Brochure (6.69MB, Pdf Document) - Download