Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

MagnaStack exhaust extraction system

MagnaStack is a fully automatic vehicle exhaust extraction system. The vehicle exhaust removal unit designed as a hood enclosure automatically connects with the vertical exhaust stack as the vehicle is backed into the parking bay. Guide arms position the laterally adjustable hood to the stack. The stack is locked to the hood with an electromagnet. As the vehicle moves towards the exit, the horizontal hose and extraction hood follow smoothly along the guide track. At the doorway the electric power is automatically switched off, instantly releasing the electro-magnet and the exhaust stack from the hood.


  • Capacity of 1 vehicle per system 
  • Exit speed up to 15 km/h (10 mph)
  • Exhaust pipes: Vertical stacks

Technical data

Magna Stack

Technical Leaflet (433.10 KB, Pdf Document) - Download


  • Magna System Brochure (1.07 MB, Pdf Document) - Download