Single stage integrally geared turbo

TP-Series: Integrally geared centrifugal compressor for gas and air, up to 70 bar

Driven by integral gear technology, Atlas Copco’s TP centrifugal gas compressor offers maximum reliability and efficiency for dozens of air and gas applications. It provides cost-effective, sustainable service in facilities all over the world. TP-Series compressors are known for their dependable and innovative service, as well as their adherence to API specifications. The TP-Series handles flow volumes up to 20 000 m³/h at suction temperatures ranging from -40ºC/-40ºF to 200ºC/392ºF. It handles all gases.

Customer benefits

  • Small footprint - Installation costs and occupied floor space are reduced by a compact packaging design.
  • Maximum efficiency in impeller design.
  • Customizable - Option to use a custom combination of standardized components.
  • Flexibility - Adjustable inlet guide vanes offer a wide operating range and excellent partial load performance.

Technical data

  • Units: Imperial
Technical Specifications
Max. suction pressure 725.2 psia
Max. discharge pressure 1015.3 psia
Effective inlet flow range 147.14 - 11771.56 cfm
Suction temperature -40 - 392 ºF
Stages 2 - 5
Gases handled all gases
  • Units: Metric
Technical Specifications
Max. suction pressure 50 bar(a)
Max. discharge pressure 70 bar(a)
Effective inlet flow range 250 - 20000 m³/h
Suction temperature -40 - 200 ºC
Stages 2 - 5
Gases handled all gases