Medical vacuum

mVAC: Medical vacuum systems

Atlas Copco’s mVAC Medical Vacuum Systems consist of 2 to 6 air-cooled, oil-lubricated rotary vane type vacuum pumps and a central controller with an intelligent graphical user interface. They provide a highly reliable medical vacuum (suction) for a variety of applications, mainly in operating theaters and intensive care, emergency and respirology units. The mVAC system offers (multiple) backup supply in case of failure of individual functional components.

Customer benefits

  • Solid reliability – The carbon composite material of our mVAC pumps will not break down or wear out like laminated blades. Even if the central controller should fail, every pump still has its own controller.
  • Highly connectable – Up to six vacuum pumps can be connected in one mVAC system to ensure that even a large hospital always has a reliable vacuum to meet all its needs. Furthermore, using AIRConnect™ Visualization you can connect to extensive monitoring and status information to get the most out of your mVAC system.
  • Energy-efficient – The mVAC incorporates a multi-pump arrangement to better match the flow demand. In this arrangement, the advanced Elektronikon® Graphic controller maximizes energy efficiency by controlling the individual vacuum pumps and regulating the overall vacuum. Uniform wear is ensured at all times.
  • Cost-effective – Our unique Elektronikon® control system gives you the means to effectively manage and optimize your mVAC system. Device status is monitored in real time, required services are delivered rapidly, breakdowns can be prevented and downtime shortened. In short, it provides all you need to keep operational costs to a minimum.
  • Easy installation – All interconnection piping and copper connections are supplied as an integral part of the mVAC system. This ‘plug and play’ approach makes installation even easier.

Technical data

  • Units: Imperial
Technical Specifications
Weight 1190.5 - 5202.9 lbs
Length 72 - 161.4 inch
Width 38.6 - 49.2 inch
Height 56.3 - 78.3 inch
System FAA 31783.3 - 1169623.7 cfm
System flow (referred to suction pressure) 23.6 - 859.9 cfm
Number of pumps 2 - 6
Pump power 1.5 - 12.3 HP
Total vessel capacity - - -
  • Units: Metric
Technical Specifications
Weight 540 - 2360 kg
Length 1830 - 4100 mm
Width 980 - 1250 mm
Height 1430 - 1990 mm
System FAA 250 - 9200 l/min
System flow (referred to suction pressure) 40 - 1460 m³/h
Number of pumps 2 - 6
Pump power 1.1 - 9.2 kW
Total vessel capacity 500 - 10000 l