Dust and fume fume extraction with automatic pulse cleaning

AIRALT filter

Dust and fume scrubber with automatic cleaning in backwash mode. The cartridge filter with backwash cleaning is composed of filtering elements enclosed in an air-tight central body and is designed to be used in vacuum plants. The filter can be used correctly for handling fumes, dusts in the mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors


  • Explosion proof solenoid valve casing
  • Cyclic programmer
  • Level control with vibration detector
  • Reinforced maintenance door
  • Rupture disc with detection probe for Sr 1 - Sr 2 dusts
  • Explosion relief system Q-box for St 1 dusts 
  • Relief valve for dusts St 1 - St 2 
  • System control panel zone 22 with pressure stabilizer and system management by inverter


  • Airalt Filter Product Catalogue - Download