High Vacuum Filter

Pulstronic Filter

High pressure filter. The new Pulsotronic filter is developed from research and experience of Coral s.p.a. This modern high pressure and highly efficient unit has been designed for the extraction of dusts deriving from dry sanding base coats and stuccoworks, composite materials, stone and marble machining and grinding of metals. It can be used for centralised plants; its modularity allows great versatility in use, offering a solution to any requirement. For maximum operational efficiency, the Pulsotronic unit is fitted with a very modern compressed air cleaning system, managed by a state-of-the-art electronic control unit that can autonomously modify its own settings on the basis of clogging of the filtering cartridges. This allows optimisation of the consumption of compressed air, lower mechanical stress of the filtering fabrics and therefore a lower life cycle cost. The system also offers the opportunity to view the clogging of filters, as per standard


  • Exceptional efficiency - designed for aspiration of dusts derived from the dry sanding of foundations, stuccos and composite materials, stone and marble processing and even metal grinding operations. 
  • Compatible with centralized systems - its modularity provides for superior usage versatility, offering solutions capable of satisfying any operational requirements
  • Compressed air cleaning system -  managed by a state of the art electronic control unit which is capable of autonomously modifying its own settings based on the degree to which the filter cartridges are obstructed. This provides for optimized compressed air consumption, less mechanical stress upon the filtering elements and therefore reduced life cycle costs
  • Noise control - pump and cleaning system confined within a sound proofed chamber bringing the level of noise emissions well below the limits required by the current regulations
  • Explosion protection

Technical data

  • Units: Metric
Technical  Features
 Filtering Surface  11 - 18 m2 
Max Air Flow  260 -620 mc
Electrical Power of the Pump  3 - 7.5 kw
Number of Cartridges  1 - 2
 Cartridge Dimensions  325 - H700 mm 
 BIA Rating  USG, C (M)
Max Operating Pressure  250 - 300 mbar
Max Operating Pressure  7 bar
Number of Valves  1/2
Tank Air Volume  7.3 - 14 lt
Dust Containment Capacity 30 lt
Weight 465 -580 kg


  • Pulstronic Filter Catalogue - Download