Radiant Heaters

Vision VSX

Renowned for its pioneering track record, AmbiRad, Europes leading supplier of radiant tube heating systems, has yet again raised the industry standard in terms of innovation and technical performance.
The range of high efficiency Vision radiant tube heaters delivers exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to reduce energy costs, the inclusion of a recuperative heat exchanger on the VSX range significantly increases thermal efficiencies up to 90% and enhances radiant efficiency above 62.5%.
The foundation of this development is a high efficiency advanced burner. The elimination of both distribution and standby losses coupled with high operational efficiencies at the point of use enable fuel savings of up to 75% compared with conventional heating systems.
15% more effective than standard radiant tube heaters, with payback of 6 months achievable when redeeming ECA allowances.

Model Range

The high efficiency VSX range, with recuperative heat exchanger, which is available as a 'U' tube model
  • Choice of burner ratings from 20 to 50kW
  • NOx emissions as low as 52ppm on certain models - 40% lower than standard radiant heater
  • Combustion occurs entirely within the firing tube. Not only does this reduce the size and weight of the traditional burner control housing but it also helps to reduce noise levels (as quiet as 47 dB(A) 3m field)
  • New slim-line burner head provides a long evenly distributed flame that dramatically improves temperature distribution along the entire length of the heater, delivering a more even floor coverage

Technical data

Heating Range ( kW )

20 - 49.5kW

Length Range ( mm )

4100 - 7660mm