Unit Heaters


ULTRA unit heaters have the highest efficiency and the lowest NOx and CO2 emissions.

The ULTRA is a fully condensing gas fired unit heater. With its efficiency up to 109% and low NOx and CO emission rates < 25 ppm, the ULTRA exceeds European norms.

The design of this gas fired unit heater combines high thermal efficiency, quality components and ease of maintenance for enhanced life expectancy and reduced life cycle costs.

In conventional unit heaters, some of the heat is lost in the flue gases. In the AmbiRad ULTRA, these flue gases are led through a second heat exchanger which cools them down to a temperature below the dew point. This way, water vapour will condense and release its latent heat into the air flow.

The new modulating premix burner with the combustion circuit under negative pressure ensure its safety, high efficiency and low emissions.

Standard features for ULTRA model ULSA

  • natural gas
  • fully modulating burner with 5:1 turn down ratio for close temperature control and reduced temperature gradients
  • fully condensing: 100% thermal efficiency at full load, 109% at partial load
  • premix burner with combustion circuit under negative pressure: no gas or flue gases can escape
  • primary tubular heat exchanger
  • titanium stabilized aluminized steel secondary heat exchanger
  • 4 suspension points
  • factory installed gas line nipple to the exterior of the cabinet
  • condensate drain
  • sealed control compartment for all electrical components and the extraction fan
  • integrated safeties

Optional features for ULTRA model ULSA

  • Propane version
  • heat exchanger assembly completely in stainless steel
  • 30° and 60° discharge nozzle
  • Vertical louvres
  • SmartCom, Opentherm or Brahma thermostats

Technical data

Heating Range ( kW )

25 - 29 kW

Airflow Range ( m3/h )

2900 - 10500 m3/h

Throw Range ( m )

20 - 36 m

Heating Efficiency ( Net )

 109 net